Mike Shepherd

New Releases

Updated December 19, 2009

Kris Longknife -- Undaunted went into stores October 27.

www.audible.com has brought all of the first six Kris books out in audio format. They should have Undaunted out Real Soon Now.

You can read the first three chapters here of Undaunted now in the book section.

Kris Longknife -- Redoubtable is coming along fine. It will be the book for 2010.

Kris Longknife -- Daring should be the 2011 book. All of those are under contract.

I just signed the contract to have KL-Mutineer brought out in Japan. I wonder what Kris’s cover will look like?

My editor says Ace is still looking to bring the Mike Moscoe trilogy of First Casualty, Price of Peace and They Also Serve back into print. What with the economic situation, I’m not holding my breath. I still expect it will happen, but I’m not sure when.

If you want the last two of them Right Now, I still have copies of PoP and TAS under my bed. E-mail me at mike_shepherd@comcast.net and we'll see what we can do. Sorry about First Casualty. It is just so totally out of print.

I’ve recently bought a handful of Second Fire and Lost Days of the Lost Millennium series. You can also buy them while they last.

I'm looking at various options to bring The Lost Millennium back into print. We'll see what happens.

I was asked to say a few words for Willamette Writers at Orycon 30. Here's the youtube page for it.

ACE asked a few questions when Audacious came out. Here's where you can find it.